Blue Magic

Script & Director: Josef Pallwein-Prettner
Austria, TV-documentary, 85 min

A co-production by SINE LEGE FILM & Daniela Praher Filmproduktion
TV partner: Puls 4
Funded by: Austrian Television Fund & Vienna Film Fund
Completion: 2020

The documentary ‘Blue Magic’ shows in an entertaining and informative way the global
effects of the male potency enhancer Viagra, 20 years after the impact of the substance.
In short episodes the film explores the story of the accidental discovery, follows the worldwide
distribution of legal trade and illegal counterfeits, focuses on the actual effect of the pill on its
users and possible side effects, as well as the influences and changes on our global love life -
from classic couple relationship, to pornography, up to prostitution.
The groundbreaking magic pill Viagra laid the foundation for a whole group of substances that
has arrived in the very centre of our society, is consumed by young and old and has
revolutionized our sex life.

Blue Magic pic