Private Revolutions

Young, female, Egyptian

We experience four young Egyptian women in their struggle for change:
Fatema, mother of three and student, is making a career with the Muslim Brotherhood, May is starting a development project in the conservative south, radio maker Amani is campaigning for more women’s rights and Sharbat is political on the street with her children active. With their commitment they reach the limits of a male-dominated world, but they do not let themselves get down.

Austria 2014, HD, 98 min & 52 min
English, Arabic (Dt / Eng subtitles)

Director: Alexandra Schneider
Camera: Sandra Merseburger
Editing: Alexandra Löwy
Daniela Praher Filmproduktion

Funded by: ORF Film/Fernsehabkommen, bm:ukk, Land Oberösterreich, Heinrich Böll Stiftung

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