Roads not taken

Liz and Rachel meet by chance in a coffee shop. The accidental meeting of Liz and Rachel after a long time, opens old wounds and brings repressed feelings back to the surface. During a walk moments of intimacy and tenderness pop up as illusions of the past. It takes both women courage to open up – until the present catches up with them. 

Ordinary Creatures​

“Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel”, Martha and Alex should have taken this advice from Jim Morrison to heart

Blue Wonder

The documentary “Blue Wonder” shows, based on the 20th anniversary, the global effects of the sexual enhancer Viagra in a varied and entertaining way.

Superman is a Refugee

Alaa Al-Dulaimi (19) fled Iraq in 2007. Alaa Al-Dulaimi (19) fled Iraq in 2007. He lived in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, since 2014 in Austria
in a refugee accommodation in Gutau / Upper Austria …

Private Revolutions

Young, female, Egyptian

We experience four young Egyptian women in their struggle for change:
Fatema, mother of three and student, is making a career with the Muslim Brotherhood, …

Sweating (Schwitzen)

“Sweating” tells the last days of the friendship between two girls. Marion and Elisa live in a village that has nothing to offer them.

Punch Line

A woman steps into the ring

Punch Line accompanies 36-year-old Kati Zambito on her way from intensive training to her first boxing competition.