Blue Wonder

How Viagra changed the world

Concept & direction: Josef Pallwein-Prettner

Austria 2020, documentary, 85 min

(international version: 86/52 min)

SINE LEGE FILM in coproduction with Daniela Praher Filmproduktion

TV partner: Puls 4

Funded by: Fernsehfonds Austria & Filmfonds Wien

Puls 4 Broadcast date: November 9, 2020 / 8:15 pm

Director & producer Josef Pallwein-Prettner visits Café Puls

Trailer & World Sales

The documentary “Blue Wonder” shows, based on the 20th anniversary, the global effects of the sexual enhancer Viagra in a varied and entertaining way.

The film tells episodically about the accidental discovery, the worldwide distribution, the legal trade and illegal counterfeiting, the concrete effect of the pill on its users and possible side effects as well as the influences and changes on our love life – from the classic couple relationship to pornography and prostitution.

The groundbreaking miracle pill Viagra laid the foundation for a whole group of substances that have arrived in the midst of society today, are consumed by young and old and ours Revolutionized sex life.