Superman is a Refugee

A film by Juliana Neuhuber and Daniela Praher

Austria, 2020, documentary, 11 min

Alaa Al-Dulaimi (19) fled Iraq in 2007. Alaa Al-Dulaimi (19) fled Iraq in 2007. He lived in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, since 2014 in Austria
in a refugee accommodation in Gutau / Upper Austria, he recently moved to Vienna and attended the “Start Wien Jugendcollege”.

But Alaa is not only a refugee – due to his numerous experiences during his stays in different
countries and cultures, he also sees himself as a cosmopolitan, as a well-traveled citizen of the world.

Alaa spends his days learning German, he plays soccer, trains for the marathon, meets friends – but most of the time he spends on imagining his own second fantasy world by creating a very complex fictional story.

Direction, editing: Juliana Neuhuber
Production: Daniela Praher
Camera: Thomas Weilguny
Sound: Daniel Hasibar, Philip Pflamitzer
Josef P. Wagner
Sound design: 4EARSTUDIOS

Funded by bka Abt II/7 zum Projektaufruf zusammen:wachsen – Kunst und Integration
In cooperation with Traum & Wahnsinn Filmproduktion

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