Ordinary Creatures
(working title: Leftright)

(In Post-Production)

Director: Thomas Marschall
Austria, 2019, feature film, approx. 75 min

Martha and Alex are driving in a car through an unspecific countryside. 
Their constant self-centered lingual battle reveals the tricky but humorous
interaction of a couple, full of misunderstandings and awkward positions.
Entirely self-absorbed, diverse events unfold around them.

Anna Mendelssohn
Alex: Joep van der Geest
Eternal Eve: Lynne Rey
Lady in Rage: Anat Stainberg
Grrrumpy Hunter: Alois Frank
Mean Mechanic: Robert Slivovsky
Speechless Waitress: Angela Christlieb
Yosi: Yosi Wanunu
Needy Dutch Mom: Sarah Moeremans
Jacky O: Jackie O

Director: Thomas Marschall
Script: Thomas Marschall, Anna Mendelssohn
Script Consultant: Stephan Richter
DOP: Martin Putz
Camera Assistant: Jakob Grasböck
Sound: Tong Zhang, Florian Rabl
Makeup/Costume/Set Decoration: Wiltrud Derschmidt
Props: Daniel Wagner-Schönfeld
Location Scouting: Hannes Salat, Edith Schild
Script/Continuity: Laura Piringer
Storyboard: TC Hrdina
Editing: Stefan Fauland
Editing Assistant: Luzia Johow
Dramaturgical Adviser: Michael Palm
Digital Compositing/VFX: Michael Brandstetter, Thomas Brandstetter
Titles: Dominik Hruza
Composition: Jorge Sánchez-Chiong 
Mechanic Volvo: Bernhard Vrabic
Drawbar Volvo: Andreas Bössner
Animal Trainer: Katja Hawliczek
Set Photographer: Thomas Weilguny
Location Manager: Jona Simon   
PA/Set Runner: Danae Carcabassi
Lighting Assistant: Laura Wichmann
Production Coordinator: Anja Kogelmann
Production Manager/Producer: Daniela Praher

Project Development at ProPro - Producers` Programme for Women 2015
Supported by Stadt Wien MA7, Bundeskanzleramt/Innovative Film, Land Niederösterreich

Production company: Daniela Praher Filmproduktion

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